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High Fire Colors and Glazes


1 Designer Strokes
shoes   tulips

Designer Strokes are a wonderful pure pigment underglaze that fires to cone 8 without any change in color, so you can detail shoes with black as shown above or do hand painting as shown on the vase on the right. Both pieces were fired to a cone 6. The shoes were then detailed with clear glaze on the buttons, so that they could be painted with fired gold, and the bottom of the shoe so that the main shoe remains matte like fine black suede.

Designer Strokes come in 24 colors that are all intermixable so the the pallet is endless. All of the shading on the flowers and leaves on the vase was done while still in the greenware stage and then fired to the cone 6 firing. If you have a need to paint them on mature cone 6 bisque, they will also stick to that and can then be fired back to a cone 5 (so you don't over fire the porcelain) or take them to a lower cone 05-04.

You can find a complete Designer Stroke color chart in the FREE Downloads section of the shopping cart. along with a flyer on how to use them. Click this link.


2 Diamond Clear Glaze


Our Diamond Clear Glaze has a reputation for being the very finest in the industry. It can be low fired at cone 04 or high fired as hot a cone 7. It sparkles like no other, never crazes, and is food safe as well. Because of the cost of importing this it is available only in pints.

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3 Spanish Oils

cpc image

Made in the USA, this is our #1 selling color product.

Classic Porcelain Colors, known in the industry as CPC's, is a unique line of Spanish Oil colors for all high fire clay bodies. Ever wish you could create the same look as Lladro from Spain, either on a figurine or some other special project? These are the porcelain colors that will create that look. Although they were designed for use on porcelain they will work well on all stoneware's as well, with varying results.

These exciting porcelain colors are unique in the fact that they are oils and yet use water cleanup. Professionals and amateurs alike can create the exact same look to figurines as Lladro, one of the most widely known of all porcelain figurine lines. The entire line can be applied with either a brush for total coverage, or with an airbrush for exciting shading on animals, birds and other special projects. With a pallet of over 77 colors ranging from the very soft pastel shades of Blue, Gray, and Brown to the very deep and exciting range of Electric Blue, Jade and Mocha, these exciting Spanish Oils will allow you to produce the most exquisite projects you can possibly imagine.

Download Basic Spanish Oil Instructions here

A complete color chart is available from the FREE downloads area on the shopping cart. Click this link




Similar to Rochard Paste but at a higher temperature. It fires to a cone 6 on greenware and is actually a non moving opaque white glaze. It will take luster's, or gold with ease. Available in Black White, and several colors.

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