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Doll Molds

The Porcelain Place has a variety of Doll Molds to choose from.

1 BJD Molds!

BJD's are growing steadily in popularity and everyone seems to want more. This is Poppy who also has an elf head called Willow. She is one of our many BJHD molds. Our latest is an entirely new 12.5" Female BJD called Trinity, with a second head called Megan. Many more joints, more moveability and cut up under the breast to allow for tummy exposure for exotic clothing.

Check out the BJD's HERE


2 Lace Drape Molds

Lace Draping is making a comeback and we have plans for a set of new mold for early in 2017. So as we like to say "Stay Tuned"


3 Half Doll Molds

The Porcelain Place has become the world leader in the wonderful world of collectable half doll molds. The ones shown on this page are only the beginning, and are half doll molds that have never before been introduced to our industry.. And don't forget to take a look at the special mini decals we have had produced especially for half doll application. Check them all out HERE on the shopping cart system. Below is Claudia done by our good friend in Australia, Carol Allan.


Check out the Half Doll Molds HERE

4 Specialty Half Doll Molds

Currently we have only one specialty half doll mold named Anna. She is one of a series of three sister Chocolatier Ladies. You can read about them HERE. We are working on others to add to this line.


Specialty Half Doll Molds are HERE

5 WenBar Molds

Our good friend Marilyn Thompson, who owns Park Avenue Dolls, now has the WenBar line of doll and animal molds, patterns, fur kits, etc. You can contact her at 678-464-4877 or email her at

To purchase WenBar Molds directly from Marilyn visit these pages. The buy now buttons all go directly to Marilyns Pay Pal account.






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We ship via USPS in order to save money for our clients. Even the porcelain is shipped via USPS. If you are over seas please contact us for a quote. Most often USPS is still the least expensive.

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