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One of our #1 sellers is our new Elegance, introduced several months ago. Available in both White and Black it makes patterns easy to accomplish such as the one on the left. Elegance is actually a raised glaze that doesn't flow. The White can be tinted with any one stroke to make it whatever color you want.





Stuff is our very own natural plasticizer. Stuff can be used to create flower clay from any porcelain and can also be used to change the buoyancy of porcelain in order to create a marble effect. The branch and owl was cast in porcelain and painted with CPC's. The flowers were all created using flower clay made with stuff, and our very own flower stone molds. See the mold section of the shopping cart system for more information on these





Fantasy was originated to assist in the addition of arms and busts for lace draping and it works wonderfully for that. Do not wet the arm or the shoulder. Simply paint a small layer on both surfaces and allow to dry for a minute or so. Then apply a large amount and place the arm on the doll. Hold in place for about 10 seconds and it is stuck. Apply your bandage as usual

It can also be used to add dimension to any porcelain surface. Apply Porcelain Magic to the surface and then paint and build up the detail you desire. . (See bamboo vase on left) The same method can be used to add flowers to a dry porcelain surface. Paint with Porcelain Magic, place some fantasy on the back of the flower you made and attach

Emboss (Rochard Paste)

Emboss is our very own Rochard Paste and fires at a cone 015. It comes in either Gloss or Matte and is premixed. If it dries in the bottle simply add a few drops of water and mix. It will reclaim itself.




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We ship via USPS in order to save money for our clients. Even the porcelain is shipped via USPS. If you are over seas please contact us for a quote. Most often USPS is still the least expensive.

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