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Ultra Chic Doll Porcelain Slips

Ultra Chic is the new Gold Standard in Porcelain Doll Slips.


4" Tori by Cheryl Davidson
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Over the last several years, while working on a whiter white for Antique Reproductions, we were able to tweak our Ultra Chic formula to improve its qualities. Although we are still working on the best white for Antique Reproductions, Ultra Chic now has the following wonderful qualities you asked for.

Because of it’s stability Ultra Chic needs little or not propping, even with large dolls. Ultra Chic is made from only the finest ingredients, including imported English China Clay, and is totally natural.  Simply thin with distilled or regular water...never use a slip thinner again.  Because it is totally natural it can be shipped in the winter without fear of freezing and can also be reclaimed to decrease your cost and increase your profit margin.

Available in 26 beautiful flesh tones and 3 of the whitest doll porcelains available, colors have been made to match as close as possible to popular colors by Bell and Seeley. Each and every gallon is hand-strained through a 120 mesh screen. NEVER A BLACK SPOT!   Pamper your doll collection with Ultra Chic and let your imagination go wild.

Over the past two years we have had many customers asking what our colors compare to in both Seeley and Bell. Below is a comparison chart. Please keep in mind that Ultra Chic has no ball clay as do Seeley and Bell so the colors will ALWAYS be more clear and true, but we try and come as close as possible to matching your favorite colors.

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The chart below as well as a full color chip chart are available in the FREE Download section of the shopping cart system. Click the storefront button on the top menu.

  Name Bell Name Seeley Name
UC001 Magnolia White   Lady White
UC002 French Cream French Antique  
UC003 Cocoa Cream Mocha  
UC004 Cameo French Glow  
UC005 Tender Peach Petal Peach  
UC006 Dresden    
UC007 Delicate Rose    
UC008 Rich Chocolate Regal Brown  
UC009 Soft Champagne Champagne  
UC010 Adobe Silk    
UC011 Warm Brown Cinnamon  
UC012 Alabaster White   Pure White
UC013 Parisian Bisque   French Bisque
UC014 Sunkissed Peach   Georgia Peach
UC015 Parisian Chocolate   French Chocolate
UC016 Cappuccino   Brown Velvet
UC017 Rose Dawn   Naturelle
UC018 Suntan   California Sunrise
UC019 China Mist   Oriental
UC020 Mandarin Glow   Lotus Blossom
UC021 Golden Caramel   Aztec Tan
UC022 Arizona Sun   Mohican
UC023 Cinnabar   Terra Cotta
UC024 Thu Tam Flesh    
UC025 Wicker White    
BJD1 Pink BJD Flesh Tone    
BJD2 Peach BJD Flesh Tone    
BJD3 Neutral BJD Flesh Tone    
BJD4 Dark BJD Flesh Tone    



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