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BJD Doll Molds

In 2008 we started doing research into the world of BJD Dolls. We attended IDEX, at that time the largest BJD convention in order to learn more about them. Our thinking was that the porcelain industry would be interested in molds where they could make their own BJD doll. Not in resin, but in porcelain.

Our first doll, Keira/Mya took almost two years to sculpt and do molds several times, because we got several aspects wrong. The molds wouldn't work like we had hoped because we didn't examine actual resin dolls well enough so we went back to the convention with a better design in mind. After chatting with several of the BJD artists about their sculpts we went back to the drawing board. We were actually able to make some tweaks with our design, especially the legs, that had not even been tried in the resin world at that time. We designed locks so that if they were strung tightly they could actually stand.


We were so excited about the result that we started Jett, our male doll. We now have Poppy, a smaller doll, Muffin, and little mouse, and our latest doll Serenity/Megan.

Serenity/Megan is the next generation and we are so very excited about this next step. She is double jointed, and extremely pose able. She not only stands but can sit on her knees as well. More heads are in the works so stay tuned. Visit the storefront through the link above to see all of the dolls.

Click HERE for a complete spreadsheet of measurements for ALL of our BJD's. Measurements are after they are fired in Ultra Chic porcelain so sizes may vary if using another porcelain but they should be very close. Measurements are in both in and mm. Wigs, Eyes, Shoes and complete body measurements are all on the spreadsheet.

You can click the links below to see each doll



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