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Miscellaneous molds

1 Cameo Molds

Our ever popular Cameos are still growing with new designs just being introduced in early 2017. Everything is available from Flowers to Ladies, to Oriental and everything in between. You can check out the entire line on our Shopping Cart System. You may do so by clicking HERE

The series started with the following molds and grew quickly like summer grass.

See all the Cameo Molds on the Storefront HERE

There is also a small video on this page showing how to make these wonderful cameos.

2 Ornament Molds

The Cameo molds and the Wedgwood Technique became so popular that we added a small line of Ornament or Plaque molds for the same technique. More to come in 2017


All the Ornament Molds can be seen HERE

3 Figurine Molds

Figurine Molds is a new area for us because of the rise on interest in Spanish Oils once more. Below is Bernadette. We are soon to release a wonderful 14" tall Angel that will blow the industry away.


4 Miscellaneous Molds

Flat molds for design work, technique holder and more miscellaneous molds for use with porcelain and stoneware.





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