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Seminars for 2017



   On the second Saturday of each month, I will be hosting a special seminar in my home. Hours are always 9am to 4pm, although we usually get done by 3pm. Plan to arrive around 9am. By the time everyone gets coffee and gets to know each other we usually start at 9:30.

Cost will always be the same at $45 and all supplies (except for the fired gold) will be included. Just bring brushes and prepare to have fun. (Special doll classes are priced differently than normal seminars)

You may reserve your seat either by emailing me directly at, or calling the studio and leaving a message at 888-368-4123.  Below are photos for the first half of 2017 and you may click on any of them to go to a larger photo in you browser.


oriental girl
bird vase


JANUARY 14TH   -   HOURS: 9AM –4PM  COST $45

You will work on soft fired greenware and carve the pattern into the chiller. Then you will use special Lladro type colors to paint and shade the pattern. Finally you will use a wonderful dark green underglaze to block in color around the pattern. It will need a second glaze firing and a third gold firing. All are included in the class fee.

After firing it measures 10" tall at the spout. Simply place in the freezer for about an hour before dinner. It will keep your wine chilled for up to an hour at the table.


FEBRUARY 11TH   -   HOURS: 9AM –4PM   COST $45

Her name is Chalia and after firing she stands 12" tall. You will again use Lladro type colors and work on soft fired greenware. We will have tons of decals on hand for you to select what decal you want on the dress. After the first firing she will go through a second firing with the decal. Then you will be shown how to highlight the decal with our non firing Decorative Art Paste and that you will be able to do at home.

wisteria chimney vase
lady moon vase


MARCH 11TH  -   HOURS: 10AM - 4PM    COST $45

This wonderful Art Deco rabbit came to us from an estate sale for a women who did porcelain in the 50's and 60's. We were lucky enough to find the to babies that go with her on eBay so the class will include all three. You will pick the decal before the seminar and it will be fired on for you prior to the seminar. You will use Decorative Art Paste again to accent the decal and Heat Set oils to rouge cheeks and paint ears. The adorable false eye lashes are also included.


APRIL 8TH & 9TH -   HOURS: 10AM – 4PM

COST posted shortly

Tori is one of the babies from Real People dolls. She is a little over 4" long and come laying on satin pillow. You will work on already fired porcelain bisque, ready to paint. You will do all of the china painting on Saturday and on Sunday you will create the hair and dress her.

May is a special class to create Trinity




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